How does OxyMist work?

How does OxyMist work?

Acts on unsaturated fatty acids in bacterial cell membranes, lipid oxidation reaction occurs, destroying the cell membrane, killing bacteria & fungi

Reactive oxygen free radicals & negative ions also cause oxidative damage to RNA & DNA

Damaged DNA undergoes breaks, mutations, changes in thermal stability, thus adversely affecting the genetic composition & thus eliminates the virus

OxyMist Compatibility: Man & Material

Safe & convenient movement: You can safely move the entire system, including accessories and consumables, around your hospital using just 1 operator.

Room preparation: Simply expose as many surfaces in the room as possible to fully benefit from the decontamination cycle. Open cupboards, drawers and remove bed linens.

Environmental parameters: OxyMist can operate in a wide range of temperature and humidity parameters ensuring you can run a reliable decontamination service all year round.

Materials compatibility: Our process is compatible with commonly found hospital building materials, even sensitive electronics, supported by food factories that have operated OxyMist system every day for >5 years without any incident

Safe to Human Interface: Area is ready to use by personnel immediately after the decontamination process is over

Effectiveness Validation

OxyMist powered by Durox® Mist hydrogen peroxide is proven to be effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

Identification protocol as per United States Apex Thermophilic Bacillus Stearothermophilus Log6 indicator as the experimental strain, a single indicator with 1,000,000 bacteria, any bacterial residue will cause discoloration of the medium within 48 hours.

Optimizing your OxyMist

Prevention is better than cure

The OxyMist works best when used ‘proactively’ instead of in response to a confirmed case of infection.

We recommend to carry out proactive room decontamination, ensuring OxyMist operation as frequently as possible and working through a priority  list of target areas.

Optimized Usability I Direct Blowing

Optimized Usability I Via Central Air Supply

OxyMist - Decontaminate Anytime, Anywhere

OxyMist I Biological Efficacy

Residue-free, patented gasification technology offering +30% sterilization due to its intelligent three-stage gasification system and negative ion enhancer. However, because a great number of ‘common’ microorganisms exist, efficacy testing remains an ongoing process.