Disinfection robot

Oxy sterilizing robot ( hydrogen pero xide ) is equipped with a new type of dry fog space sterilization system, which boasts a strong sterilizing capacity but extremely low corrosion. The system realizes sterilization using the dry fog of sporicide special sterilizing agents. Driven by strong air supply, the dry fog diffuses and evaporates in the space, thus eliminating microorganisms and viruses in the air. The robot has the ability to move autonomously, and realize timed, fixed-point and multi track mobile disinfection and sterilization in a large space.

Transportation hubs: Airport, railway station and bus station.
Enterprises: Office area and public area

Consumer places: Hotel, dining hall, KTV, shopping mall and cinema
Medical institutions: Isolation ward, operating room and waiting area

Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizing Robot

PS: The below functional parameters are for reference only. The landing project will make corresponding technical changes according to the actual application scenario, and the actual product shall prevail.

  • Dimensions: 540mm*580mm*1250mm
  • Processor: integrated Intel® J1900 quad-core processor 2. 0GHz
  • Chip set: Intel® Bay trail SOC chip set
  • Speed of motion: 0.45 m/s (under navigation state)
  • Laser measuring precision: ± 2cm
  • Autonomous navigation: SLAM, The product features the navigation solution integrating at least 5 types of sensor, including the lidar, odometer, and gyroscope.
  • Atomized particle size: An average of 10 um
  • Operating time: Continuous operating duration under fullload condition: ≥ 4 hours; operat_x0002_ing duration under normal condition: ≥ 6 hours
  • Sterilization methods: Air mass flow: ≤3.9 m3/min Dosage of sterilizing agent: 2L
  • Sterilization efficiency: broad spectrum sterilization effect of log4~log6

Advantages Of Disinfection robot

The dry fog space sterilization system can replace the traditional formaldehyde sterilization for its strong sterilizing capacity. It can reach log6 in terms of the efficiency of sterilizing Bacillus stearothermophilus

The sterilization volume of a single-point atomizing sterilization generator is 20 to 500 cubic meter. A large spacecan be fully covered with disinfection and sterilization using the chassis for autonomous movement

The final decomposition products of such special sterilizing agent are mainly water vapor and oxygen, causing no toxic by-product. Therefore, it is an environment friendly sterilization technology free from frequent cleaning and maintenance

It brings broad-spectrum sterilization against fungi, bacteria, viruses and spores

The robot features autonomous operation and realizes timed, fixed point and multi-track mobile disinfection and sterilization along the preset route in a large space. It reduces the investment in human resources and helps promote working efficiency and quality

The robot is capable of autonomous charging, continuous operation, low power early warning and automatic recharging, thus ensuring the endurance of robots efficiency and quality