How we are different/Unique

How we are different?

  • 10,000 operation records
  • Proven approach to the Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs)
  • Safe to human:
    No usage of 35% HP (high conc.)
    No Silver/Ozone used
  • Safe to surface:
    No corrosion/bleach of equipment's
  • Only technology that creates H2O2 gas atom size of 0.003µ
  • Ultra high pure food grade H2O2: Durox® Mist

What we offer?

Trusted Partners

Equipment Delivery, training & service support by Global channel network.

Timely Support

Fast response time to your Prevention & Control requirements.

Professional Services

Bio-Decontamination Services 6-Log.

Protocol Adherence

Regulatory Compliance Support.

Why do we need 6-Log?

In case of improper disinfection/parts of room staying contaminated, the microbial growth can double up in numbers with passage of every 20 minutes.

HAI* by Surface contamination

Historic Position

  • Environmental surface contamination does not contribute significantly to HAI acquisition
  • MRSA and other nosocomial pathogens die quickly on dry surfaces
  • HAI can only be spread patient to patient (usually via the hands of HCWs)

Modern Knowledge

  • Environmental surface contamination does contribute significantly to HAI acquisition:
  • Vegetative bacteria and other pathogens can survive for long periods (>1yr) on dry surfaces
  • Accumulating evidence that the environment is contributing to HAI

*HAI: Healthcare associated infections

Why do we need 6-Log?

Above table depicts survival time of various Microbes on dry surfaces

Comparison of Bio-Decontamination Technologies