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OxyMist was created by professionals with passion towards health and safety of human beings.

The idea of creation was to help the world by providing the bio-decontamination products and service solutions across the globe and contribute to make the world a safer place to live. The global network of channels and our professional service team can deliver Log6 reduction of microbes across any corner of the world. We have contributed to Covid19 by disinfecting hospitals in China and Italy with our patented machine and specialized Durox® Mist solution. We have disinfected areas as large as airports.


To create a healthier and safer world by offering Green, Innovative, Safe & Sustainable bio-decontamination solutions for healthcare, hospitality, life sciences, schools, Industries & households around the globe.


To create a healthy and safe world through cutting edge bio decontamination solutions and services. Be a pioneer safeguarding humankind from pathological diseases. Be the expert to support the society. Be a customer focused innovative organization.


Durox® Mist (Ultra high pure Hydrogen Peroxide) released from the OxyMist machine is treated with plasma, resultingly the air for nebulization is full of negative and positive oxygen ions.

The Energy & Technology We'll Need For The Future


No need to humidify/dehumidify, no aeration - just 1 step process to achieve 6-Log kill. Flag bearer of atomized hydrogen peroxide sterilization.


All decontamination technologies are not created equal, let alone all hydrogen peroxide based technologies. While the wording may sound similar.


Acts on unsaturated fatty acids in bacterial cell membranes, lipid oxidation reaction occurs, destroying the cell membrane, killing bacteria & fungi.

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OxyMist BioSciences is  here for your health & safety.

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Certified Professional Bio Decontamination Specialist.

Environmentally Friendly Equipment & Disinfectant.

Decontaminates 600 cubic meters in 30 minutues.

Non Residual - No Post Cleaning.

Fully Automated and no operators required in enclosure.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed with Validations & Lab Report if required.

High Material Compatibility.

24/7 Bio- Decontamination service.